Here is a brief description of the classes that we have running here at Back To Basics Fitness.  The first class is always free.  We’d love for you to come try one out and see if our family is a good fit for your fitness needs.



A High intensity, functional workout which incorporates weight training, Olympic, and resistance-based movements. Intense focuses on proper form and technique. Our improvements to this cross training style will be muscle development and secondary movers. We will focus on building supporting muscles and maintaining a steady heart rate for metabolic optimization. Intense will not push you through the movement for time. We will focus on the muscles themselves. We want to develop the muscles groups to their full potential.  The goal is to make the most out of each movement and build hard quality lean muscle!

This class will be for those who want to build lean muscle. We will vary intensity by day and by workout. Some workouts will focus more on power movements. Other days will be higher-intensity workout based around barbell movements.



A high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style class. This class is cardio-based with some incorporated resistance. There are no barbell movements in velocity. HIIT focuses on kettle bell, slam ball, medicine ball, dumbbell and body weight movements to keep things fast and controlled.

Burning optimal calories is the name of the game in HIIT. Keeping the heart rate high to burn optimal calories for effective weight loss. We will not be focusing on building as much muscle.


Total Body Boot camp

Back to Basics total body boot camp is type of group exercise class that mixes traditional cardiovascular and body weight exercises with interval and strength training. Individuals of different fitness levels and abilities can all participate together as there are different progressions and modifications for each specific exercise.

Booty Power

A group fitness class that focuses on the development of your assets 😉. This one hour class will incorporate strength building, plyometrics, and lots of fun!
Saturday at 9am starting April 21st


530am intense
9am strength and HIIT
630pm HIIT

9am strength and HIIT
6:30pm – Strength and Conditioning

530am intense
9am strength and HIIT

9am strength and HIIT
630pm – Total Body Boot Camp

530am intense
9am strength HIIT
630pm HIIT

9am – Booty Power
10am Intense

11am – Total Body Bootcamp


Our Coaches: