Jason Orellana

My name is Jason Orellana. I am a certified trainer of American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and currently in the process of finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science.    I’ve been strength training for 16 years with 14 years of experience personal training clients from beginners to experienced levels of fitness.  I had a diverse experience in sports throughout my youth in soccer, track & field, cross country, and boxing.  I enlisted in the United States Marine Corp at the age of 18, during that time I took to strength training and realized this was my passion.  I competed in RPS Federation for powerlifting which; I have had 4 first place finishes in my weight class. I also currently compete as a bodybuilder in the NPC.


-4th place finish 2017 NPC NATIONALS

-NPC 2017 USA’S 7th place finish

-2013 Lehigh Valley Championships 2nd Place

-2014 NATIONALS 15th Place

-2015 Lehigh Valley Championships 3rd Place

-2016 JR. USA NATIONALS 5th Place

My clients can expect to experience top notch training and my undivided attention in every session.  Based on your level of fitness and goals, I will develop a workout plan that best suits your needs and you will learn proper form and technique to each exercise.  Nutritional needs are first and foremost to you achieving the maximum of your physical potential.  Every one of my clients will gain a good understanding of daily nutritional choices when it comes to eating.  I can assist you with reaching goals such as:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Meal Plan Programs
  • Contest Prep
  • Workout Programs
  • Stretching & Joint Mobility Movements
  • Rehabilitation Training for Existing & preexisting injuries
  • HIIT workouts & Agility
  • Online Training Services

I will give you the tools, knowledge, & motivation to exceed your goals!

Please feel free to call me directly  – Cell# (856-993-3187)

Testimonial from Tom D after recent competition and prep season.

At the start of this competition season I was very hesitant about seeking out a coach. I have never had a coach before so I was skeptical of the whole thing. Then I met Jason and things started to fall into place. My experience with him through my contest prep has been my best ever. I honestly didn’t think having a coach would be so beneficial. The first thing we changed was my diet. I was not eating enough in bulking or when I was cutting causing me to lose muscle. Jason wrote a diet that help me exceed my goals so far. Training with him has been the best experience because I have someone there motivating me and pushing me to my potential. Anytime I had a question about the diet or workouts he was only one quick text away. He even put in extra work to help me get ready. I ended up placing 3rd out of ten at my first show this year. This is the best I have ever placed in an Npc show. Jason is an exceptional coach and if you are ever in a plateau he is the guy you want to see.