Norma Leon

Hey there, I’m Norma Leon. I’m a Personal Trainer and Group Instructor. I currently hold certifications in Yoga, Primary Aerobic, Kids and Teens Fitness, Personal Training and other Older Adults Fitness program such as Enhanced Fitness and Silver Sneakers, Healthways.

What got me into fitness?
The thrive I pursued when I was overweight, having result of becoming a diabetic and developing other chronic deceases made me push forward and change my lifestyle.
I became aware of how important a healthy lifestyle is to living a quality life. Due to heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes running in my family I made a conscious decision to learn about nutrition and exercise. I took courses on exercise and group fitness, for the young and frail, soon after I became a personal trainer and aerobics instructor.
Since 2013 I have obtained many more certifications and continue to attend classes and seminars for continuing education.

What Drives me?
My love for fitness has place me in a position to help other, from the young to the elderly. I make it my mission to teach my clients how to enjoy, value, and overcome their fear of fitness.
Improve and see results in a sustainable way by teaching them good habits, balance and how to live a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.
I’ve train people in person and online and have learned that each individual is unique in their own way, but everyone together benefits from support, accountability, encouragement and connection for a healthy life style, mind, body and spirit.
My clients have been rewarded with lower cholesterol, increase of energy, better sleep, lower blood pressure, loss in body fat, increase in lean mass, decrease in inches and drop clothing sizes. Most of all they have Improved their quality of life!

Here, at Back to Basics Fitness, we make your journey our journey. Together in a group setting or one on one, we take the first step towards the new you with you.