Online Training

Are you having difficulties getting to the gym? Are you no longer seeing any muscle or strength gains? Do you not know what to do in a gym or if you’re doing anything appropriately? NO PROBLEM! We can do everything online.

At Back to Basics Fitness, we work tirelessly to update and optimize all our programs. By early November, we plan on completing our ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING PROGRAM designed specifically to meet your fitness goals! In addition to this, we hope to provide video talks on particular health matters such as fad diets, general gym goals, and so much more!

Through this online video training program, we will provide you with a highly personalized plan that is NOT SEEN ANYWHERE ELSE AND AT PRICES THAT ARE AFFORDABLE! Accessories included in all online packages are:

-Body weight scale with body fat tracker
-Food weight scale
-Body tape measure
-Online training video archive
-One-on-one conversations with our personal trainers
-Nutrition plan
-Workout plan

This online training program is for lifters from both sides of the experience spectrum, from beginners to the advanced. Beginners will learn the important fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, proper exercise technique, healthy habits, and mental health. For the more advanced (power-lifters, bodybuilders, etc…), we will be pushing you inside and outside the gym with knowledge that will further your lifting goals.

***If you sign up for the online video training program, you’ll get a FREE SHAKER AND DRAWSTRING BAG! And depending on the training package you buy, you will receive other unique items that will aid you in attaining your fitness goals***