Personal Training

Welcome to the best part of Back to Basics Fitness. We provide only the highest quality of personal training services that allows you to achieve your fitness and health goals in the most efficient way possible.

The personal training staff is headed by certified personal trainer, International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) professional, and CEO of Back to Basics Fitness Jason Orellana. With Jason’s extensive background in exercise science and nutrition, he will be able to help you obtain anything from that beach body you have always wanted to being in tip-top conditioning form for any sport.



The costs of exercise and nutrition plans vary based off the training program you select. The plans offered are the exercise program, nutrition program, and the combination of both exercise and nutrition programs.

The exercise program consists of a daily workout plan over a 7-day period that will be followed for a designated time period before changing it to keep you from experiencing plateaus in progress. Within each daily workout routine, there are specific exercises that include a number of repetitions and sets that need to be followed.

The nutrition program consists of a daily, meal-by-meal plan directly stating which foods to eat at specific times of the day. These daily meals will be made customized to meet your specific goals and go beyond what any “diet formulas” and “fad diets” can offer.

In addition to these programs, you have the option of having gym sessions directly supervised by one of our qualified personal trainers to help push you during your gym sessions as well as instruct you on proper technique so that you will be able to be safe while performing exercises outside of direct supervision.



You start the process by having a FREE CONSULT in person or over the phone to discuss your fitness goals in order to customize a nutrition and/or exercise plan that will best achieve your ambitions. Next, a time will be scheduled to assess your pre-training body measurements to monitor your progress with pinpoint precision. Regardless of the training program you choose, we will keep you accountable, make adjustments when needed, provide encouragement, and offer advice or help when asked.



For those that want to maximize their conditioning to gain a competitive advantage in their sport, look no further. We will design an exercise and nutrition program specifically to your sport. In addition to body measurements, you will have your agility, speed, acceleration, and strength measured to monitor your progress.



What’s better than learning directly from an IFBB professional? Jason knows exactly what it takes to get to the next level. His connections within the IFBB and NPC community will get you any additional help that you need.