Here at Back to Basics Fitness, we want to ensure your fitness journey runs as smoothly and enjoyable as possible. After all, our main objective is to provide a positive perspective on fitness so that you can enjoy the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. In our pursuit of helping you achieve your goals, we promise to give you a great experience where you cannot help but look forward to coming back to our gym for the next sweat session. But who better to ask than those that have actually experienced our services…..

“I have been training with Jason for 5 months now, and I have been in the best shape of my life! I started out with 20% body fat, and I am currently just under 10% body fat! My nutrition plans allowed me to eat more (including carbs) in order to lose fat and gain lean muscle. And the best part is, I only had to do 2 days of cardio per week! Thanks Jason!”

-Sofia C fromPhiladelphia, PA

“About six months ago, I heard that Back to Basics Fitness had a solid personal training program. Since I’ve been interested in competing in men’s physique, I decided to see what they had to offer. He sold me on his straight-forward approach and the way he said he’d customize my meal and workout plans for a mass [muscle] gain phase. Now, almost 6 months later, I’ve gained 20 lbs of size to my frame while lowering my body fat by about 1.5%. My meal plans are always on point and my workout plans are intense. Jason is someone that pays close attention to detail as he is constantly monitoring my progress to ensure I’m heading in the right direction. I look forward to continuing my progress with him!”

-Peter Z from Philadelphia, PA

“At the start of this competition season I was very hesitant about seeking out a coach. I have never had a coach before so I was skeptical of the whole thing. Then I met Jason and things started to fall into place. My experience with him through my contest prep has been my best ever. I honestly didn’t think having a coach would be so beneficial. The first thing we changed was my diet. I was not eating enough in bulking or when I was cutting causing me to lose muscle. Jason wrote a diet that help me exceed my goals so far. Training with him has been the best experience because I have someone there motivating me and pushing me to my potential. Anytime I had a question about the diet or workouts he was only one quick text away. He even put in extra work to help me get ready. I ended up placing 3rd out of ten at my first show this year. This is the best I have ever placed in an NPC show. Jason is an exceptional coach and if you are ever in a plateau he is the guy you want to see.”

-Tom D, after recent competition and prep season

“I’ve been at this gym for a year and a half and prior to I never could find a gym to fit my needs. Always bored just using the treadmill and doing exercises that I thought would help me with fitness but never did. Back to basics is a positive environment with a great mix of classes from HIIT to intense and also kickboxing. Awesome coaches that motivate and push you to your best. Fun and friendly atmosphere to make new friends and workout buddies. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!!”

-Mel E from Philadelphia, PA

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