Jason Orellana

2020 NY PRO

Hey, my name is Jason Orellana. I am a certified trainer of American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) since 2006 and I have loved every minute of getting people to achieve their fitness goals. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science with multiple courses in nutrition during that time period. From early childhood until high school, I have been involved in multiple sports at different competitive levels. The sports that I felt I excelled in were soccer, track & field, cross country, and boxing.

My love for weightlifting started shortly after I enlisted in the United States Marine Corp after high school. My desire to constantly push myself past my physical limits during my training led me to start doing competitive powerlifting. I joined the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate Federation and won 4-first place finishes over the 4 years that I competed as a powerlifter. I then transitioned into the bodybuilding scene as I wanted to enjoy the challenge of sculpting my physique to meet the standards of the International Federation of BodyBuilding world.


-2013 Lehigh Valley Championships 2nd Place

-2014 NATIONALS 15th Place

-2015 Lehigh Valley Championships 3rd Place

-2016 JR. USA NATIONALS 5th Place

-2017 NPC USA’S 7th place finish

-2017 NPC NATIONALS 4th place finish

-2018 NPC NATIONALS 2nd Place, IFBB Pro Card

-2020 – NY Pro 11th place
Tampa Pro 14th place

2022 IFBB Tampa Pro 16th Place

2023 Pittsburgh Pro 16th Place



My clients can expect to experience top notch training and my undivided attention in every session.  Based on your level of exercise experience, current state of health, and your fitness goals, I will develop a plan that will let you attain your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, I will make sure that you learn the proper form and technique to ensure we minimize any unnecessary muscle strain and injury. I can assist you with reaching goals such as:

Strength & Conditioning


Hypertrophy Training


Meal Plan Programs


Contest Prep and Posing


Stretching & Joint Mobility Movements


Rehabilitation Training for Preexisting Injuries


Cardiovascular Training


Agility and Acceleration


I will give you the tools, knowledge, & motivation to exceed your goals!


Please feel free to call me directly at 856-993-3187

Check out my social media accounts:

Instagram: Jason Orellana IFBB Pro